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Ivan's History

Ivan's was originally built by the Zinn family in the late 1800's as a dry goods and grocery store. At the gable of the building the original stone nameplate "Zinn" is still in place. Rob and Otto Zinn, followed by Rob and Charles Zinn operated the store. The building was equipped with an elevator as the dry goods were kept on the second floor. It is used as a wine cellar today. In the years to follow, the building was a shoe shop, women's clothing store, floral shop, hardware store and an auto parts store. The upper floor was once the Eagle Telephone Company exchange office. There were four to six customers on a line (called party lines) and you answered on either one, two or three rings. One needed to be careful of what was said, since other parties on your line could and frequently did listen in. When that business moved out, a Dr. Hassold and a Dr. L. Roach, dentists, had their offices here. The upper floor is now an apartment.